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Photos by: Deborah Sawyer, 11th Hour Wedding and Events

“Pam and John Kavanagh, newly settled in Currituck, are no strangers to our community. For several years, they have owned rental homes in Currituck County, including one they donate for the Wounded Warriors in Action annual duck hunt. As military veterans who have generously donated their house to wounded warriors, Pam and John embody the spirit of service and community. Their dedication to supporting those who have served our country is truly inspiring.”

“Now, as full-time residents, they have become invaluable assets to our county. Upon touring the Palmer Inn, Pam and John knew instantly it was a project they wanted to undertake and restore to its former glory. Countless hours of dedication, hard work, and passion have been poured into this beautiful home.”

“With several rental properties under their belt, Pam and John are seasoned professionals in the rental world. Their expertise and commitment to excellence ensure that guests will have an exceptional experience at The Palmer Inn Estate.”

“We are thrilled to share these ribbon-cutting pictures with you!  If you're looking for a space to hold an event or a charming place for a nightly or weekly rental, the Palmer Inn is perfect. Thank you, Pam and John, for reviving this beautiful home!”

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